Dodge County GIS Data (Wisconsin)

Search for Dodge County, WI GIS data. A GIS data search can provide information on GIS maps, property lines, county lines, city lines, public property, elevations, flood zones, school boundaries, earthquake zones, property appraisal values, erosion, water pollutants, topography, soil composition, sewers, public utilities, building hazards, population information, demographic information, place names, public property, parks, campgrounds, trails, trail maps, historic maps, historic GIS maps, town maps, county maps, city maps, and neighborhood boundaries.

An Assessor Office is responsible for appraising the taxable property in an area in order to calculate property taxes in Dodge County, Wisconsin. As part of this job, Dodge County Assessors maintain detailed county and local maps, including Geographic Information Science (GIS) data. These Dodge County GIS maps typically include property divisions, plots, buildings, property appraisal values, and property taxes. They may also include public property, parks, roads, place names, bodies of water, and other local geographical information, as well as flood zones, county zone lines, and school boundaries. These maps can be useful for a number of reasons, including buying and selling property. Assessors may provide online access to their Dodge County GIS data on their websites.

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A Town or City Hall provides municipal services for their town or city, including keeping vital records and maintaining documents on their jurisdiction such as maps with GIS data in Dodge County, Wisconsin. These GIS maps typically include property boundaries, real estate appraisal values, Dodge County property tax assessments, public property, and unclaimed parcels. The maps may also show place names, Dodge County zoning boundaries, bodies of water, and flood zones, as well as population and demographic information. Some Town and City Halls also maintain historical maps of their area. These maps are often available on the Town or City Hall website.

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A Clerk Office maintains public records for a county or local government, including GIS data in the form of maps. These GIS maps provide detailed information such as property boundaries, roads, public property, parks, and in some cases, population and demographic information. GIS data can also show Dodge County property value assessments, property taxes, flood zones, zoning boundaries, and earthquake zones, as well as place names, bodies of water, and other geographic information. Clerks may also have historic GIS maps from the USGS or other organizations. Dodge County GIS data is often accessible through the Clerk Office website.

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A Building Department creates and enforces building codes and zoning regulations in order to ensure the construction of safe buildings in Dodge County, Wisconsin. As part of that job, Building Departments maintain GIS data that can include Dodge County GIS maps on the topography, elevation, soil composition, and flood zones for the local area. This information can be important for adhering to building codes and meeting zoning rules. These GIS maps may also show Dodge County parcels, lots, subdivisions, and tracts of land, as well as sewers, public utilities, and other building hazards. GIS data may be available on the Building Department website.

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A Recorder of Deeds keeps real estate documents to ensure the accuracy of property and land records in Dodge County, Wisconsin. In addition to filing deeds that provide information on property sales and transfers, Recorders of Deeds also have detailed county and local maps, including Dodge County GIS data. These maps can include property lines, building information, unclaimed parcels, property value assessments, and property tax information. They may also show Dodge County place names, flood zones, zoning boundaries, neighborhood lines, bodies of water, and other geographic information. The Recorder of Deeds may provide access to GIS data on its website.

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